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The PIC emulator application is available to download as well as a demo that runs of a floppy and will not write anything to other disks.

Download file EMZPIC.ZIP

EMZPIC.ZIP holds various files that will emulate a PIC16F84 microcontroller.

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EMZPIC.ZIP holds various files that will emulate a PIC16F84 microcontroller. It is will run most hobby PIC software. Only two interrupt mechanism have been coded and the speed of execution was not a priority in the design. You require EMZPIC.ZIP and EMPICUPD.ZIP.

This now has EMPIC008 that will emulate a PIC16F628 also includes some bug fixes.

The link below will open a page that enable a 'Flash' video to be shown. It is a demonstration of the emulation program running and will run for about 25 minutes.

Demo video

Display a picture of a 1960's computer, graphic from Nottingham University.

This was the first computer hardware that I worked on. A transistorised computer 12 digit bin-ten format word, clocked through the ALU serially at 1 mhz. 400 word magnetic core store with drum backing. More information on this is available at:-

National Museum of Computing

Has a collection of historic equipment, well worth a look, although the ICT 1301 is not installed but in storage.

Download file EMZ80.ZIP

EMZ80.ZIP has various files for running a Z80 emulator. It is not complete and had been written to specifically trace code that I had in an eprom. Not all the hardware is emulated.

Click to download file SMART.ZIP

SMART.ZIP holds the SMART INTERGRATED SOFTWARE SYSTEM by Innovative Software. The system runs under DOS or a DOS Window. It is very good for spreadsheet work, has the equivalent of 'Forms' for data input, preprocessing using BASIC before hitting the spreadsheet. All from 1986.

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