Things of interest ?

My name is Michael and I live in Liverpool, Merseyside, U.K. Map

Hobbies include digital electronics and computer programming. The Forth programming language having a certain appeal for me, a linked list of 'words' forming a 'dictionary'. As well as using Forth, QuickBasic, Visual Basic and Assembler (for the Z80, 8086, PIC) have been used for various projects, with a varying degree of success.

The current project's involve PIC microcontroller devices, initially programmed using Forth when possible. Although the project activity has been minimal over the last few years, check out the "Project" link below. Current interest is with the Raspberry Pi, running as the server/client for networked cameras and will load some of the pictures to this website.

The following links include my own pages and site's that I find interesting, they are not necessarily only electronic/computer sites.

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