PIC 16F84 Emulator

File List

File Included in the archive  emzpic.zip and empicupd which has the latest files.

empic130.exe or empic014.exe
Compiled BASIC of the emulation program. Version 130 is for a PIC16F84 and V014 is for PIC16F628
and is the latest, more uptodate.

empic130.bas BASIC source (not on emzpic.zip), maybe run using QuickBasic, an email to the author will prompt a copy by return.
portb5.csv Output file from the emulator of port-B data maybe input to the program ports04f.exe A new version written using Visual Basic piclog01.exe is better.
ports04f.exe or piclog02.exe Compiled BASIC of the graphic display program that shows the PIC port data as generated by the emulator. Both programs objective is the same, PICLOG02 is a VisualBasic version.
newlib.lib newlib.qlb Library's required to run the BASIC source and/or recompile the .exe file.
intexam.bin Binary file of PIC code for use as the executable by the emulator. The code is testing the interrupt mechanism
intexam.lst List file produced by the PIC assembler
stp1t.obj Stepper motor driver PIC code for demonstrating the emulator
stp1t.lst List file, produced by TASM, of the stepper source This code was supplied by Magenta Electronics with their kit.
script.rtf A 'how-to' list that if followed enables a new user to run the application.
dscript.rtf A 'how-to' list that if followed runs a demonstration version.
emulator.rtf Description file of the PIC16F84 emulation application
ports.rtf Description file of the PORTSxx application that will produce a graphical display from the port trace file produced by the emulation application.
demo.bat Runs the demonstration version. Demo versions use a floppy.
NOTE: All files that are in the 'Demo' folder should be copied to the root directory of a floppy disk before running demo.bat
demo01.exe Demo version of the PIC emulator, to run it use the batch file demo.bat
demo01p.exe Demo version of GRAPHxx it will run when demo.bat is started after demo.exe has completed.
test02.bin The PIC code file used with the demonstration. Can be seen running in the video.
test02.lst The assembler listing file produced when test02.asm was processed.
portb1.csv The output from tracing port-b when running the demonstation, another file will be produced which should be identical to this. Used as input to demo01p.exe

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