Remote Imaging

Although I only became interested in this subject during 1999 it has been possible for many years (25 or more) to receive transmissions from orbiting weather satellites.

At present it is possible for the amateur to decode such signals and produce very acceptable pictures of the ground/cloud cover as the lower resolution pictures are not encrypted and analog. A state that has change with the introduction of a new generation of satellite that will also be digital and encrypted.

Remote Imaging Group (RIG)

Based in the U.K. the group has members from many countries of the world. For an annual subscription, each quarter you would receive a very well produced magazine. (but see below)

The group is for those interested in remote imaging of the earth from satellites. This normally means weather satellites, receiving the data stream and decoding. There are other satallites that maybe received operated by the amateur radio fraternity.

During 2004 problems occured with the administration of RIG and publication of the magazine became a hit and miss affair. The website had been updated in May 2014 but only to report the closure of their shop. There is however a lot of information available on the website but sadly it looks like the end for RIG as the APT satallites gradually degrade. At present Nov 2014 there are three APT satallites working.

The Future

A new group was formed known as G.E.O. their site is very professional and contains lots of info as well as a shop. The emphesis being digital the actual system is also totally different to the APT reception. At present the data received by the user has been processed and retransmitted from a commercial satallite.